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Every book has a story to tell. When a book goes to audio, I am grateful for the publishers and authors who trust me to tell its story well. With an engaging style and deeply authentic characters, my goal is to deliver performances that turn exciting manuscripts into thrilling adventures. I enjoy narrating Fiction and Non-Fiction titles with my favorite genres being Mysteries, Thrillers, Memoirs, Science Fiction, and Children’s stories.

I'm a former coach of Edge Studio's Investigate Voiceover classes in Washington, D.C., an Audible Approved Producer, and an occasional cast member with The Lake of the Woods Players community theater group.

​An avid boater who spends much of my free time cruising the lake with my wife Joya, I also play guitar and am a former radio presenter and proposal development professional with extensive technical and copy writing experience.

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The Nothing Rhymes with Orange Studio

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This is where audiobook magic is made.


The heart of our studio lies in the Audio Technica AT4047/SV microphone, paired with a Grace Design m101 preamp.

A Presonus ioStation 24c audio interface and production controller provides audiophile-grade digital converters that create a superior recording and listening experience. Along with the latest version of the Presonus' Studio One DAW, this creates an incredibly smooth and efficient workflow.

Critical reference monitoring is done through Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80-ohm closed-back studio mixing headphones and a pair of 5" KRK ROKIT RP5 G4 (Generation 4) bi-amp professional monitors.

This is all inside of a 4' X 6' WhisperRoom isolation booth wrapped in broadcast quality acoustic treatment. This includes ATS acoustic panels and 4-foot bass trap, augmented with additional Auralex LENRD bass traps and Auralex and Next Acoustics studio foam panels. (Those are the ones that look like the inside of my brain.)

Directing all recording sessions is our beloved antique Pinocchio from Venice who, when the mic is off, enjoys playing his Dimebag Darrel blown glass replica Dean guitar. Without him, nothing would get done.


In the Booth with Bill Lord

A live read of the Prologue to David Stever's Raven Rain

Author David Stever and narrator Bill Lord have way too much fun asking each other questions about what's involved in writing a Mystery/Thriller novel and then transforming the story into an audiobook.

Learning More About the Voices Inside Your Head

An interview with Bill Lord by Emily Jennigs of the Culpeper Star-Exponent





Bill Lord /, 703-347-3635
Agent / Taylor DeThomas,, 404-609-4752
Agent / Kelly Wilkening,, 312-421-4400

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